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This blog is about my general meanderings through life, and more specifically about my return to the pastimes of Archaeology and Metal Detecting where I’ll record highlights of all my new digs and finds.  Full videos are published on YouTube.  I’ve also started filming some of my local historical landmarks with a drone and will add these videos on the site too.

My main video site is a YouTube channel to which I encourage you to visit and subscribe  It costs you nothing to subscribe and if you also click on the top bell I will be able to let you know whenever I add a new video: https://www.youtube.com/c/AYorkshiremaninDorset

How often I update this site will be determined by my work rate – probably much higher in the winter when there aren’t other things going on to distract me.  😉


  • If possible, photograph the location and record the 8 figure OS Grid Reference of your finds
  • Any find older than 300 years should be passed on to your Finds Liaison Officer for recording on the Portable Antiquities Scheme
  • Anything that may be classed as Treasure MUST be reported to the FLO/Coroner
  • Do NOT dig deeper than plough soil depth and disturb in-situ archaeological remains
  • Do NOT dig on Scheduled or protected sites
  • Do NOT trespass on private land without permission

IMPORTANT Please read and always obey The Countryside Code