XP Deus Programs

I use a variety of programs on the Deus.  The ones below are my favourites (in the order I have them on the Remote, except for program 9 “Hot” which I occasionally use).  The list can change 🙂   Some are videos (which open in a new Tab), and some are written instructions.

(N.B. I’m assuming your remote/coil/headphones have all been updated to at least version 4.   I use version 5.21 and love it…)

Iain Crozza’s “Sniper” My main “go to” program
Very Deep – A program for the experienced user
Sid’s “Hammy” – A good “check the signal” program
Wet Beach Special – Much better on wet sand than  Factory Prog 7 

NOTE – I use the XY screen on all programs except for “Hammy”.

I’ve tried and then removed a whole host of these so called “miracle” programs as they haven’t really gelled with me.  They may work for you, but I’ve whittled the list of “tried and worth keeping” down to the four above.  I will keep experimenting though 🙂