XP Deus Programs

I use a variety of custom programs on the Deus, the list can and does change 😉
Some are videos (which open in a new tab), and some are written instructions.  N.B. I’m assuming your remote, coils, and headphones have all been updated to 5.2.   I use version 5.21 and love it…

N.B  It’s worth visiting the XP Skill School first and also Subscribing on YouTube to Gary Blackwell of everything XP fame 🙂

Deus Factory progs which I often use with tweaks:
Program 2 “GMPower”
Program 9 “Hot”
Porogram 10 “Goldfield”

“Core” – Like Sonar, a dig or don’t dig program, but deeper
Iain Crozza’s “Sniper” – A handy Full Tones prog, can be noisy
“Very Deep” – A “wide-open” program for the experienced user
“Deep Gold” – Modified Program 10 “Goldfield”
Wet Beach Special – Much better on wet sand than Preset Prog 7 
Gary Blackwell’s “Sonar” 
“Forager” – a good program for lower frequencies and X35 Coil

NOTE – I use the XY screen on all programs.

Other programs I tried with good degrees of success:
Sid Perry’s “Deep 
Sid Perry’s “Hammy” and “Sid’s Pro”
Gary Blackwell’s “Pitch 101”