Research & Site Aids

Non-comprehensive list of aids to researching finds, which is constantly being added to.

N.B.  I do not own copyright to any of these items. 
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Introduction to medieval coins & identification guide
Introduction to post medieval coins & identification guide
Field Survey, Field Walking, and Detecting Survey
Lithic Assemblages Guide

Magic Map (Scheduled Monuments, etc)
Lidar Maps Finder

Portable Antiquities Scheme – Guides by Time Period
Portable Antiquities Scheme – Medieval Coin Guide
Medieval Coins – An Introduction

Hammered Coins – Mint Marks
Anatomy of a Roman Coin
Late Roman Coinage, Guide For Poorly Preserved Coins
Coins of William I (1066-1087)
Coins of William II (1087-1100)
Coins of Henry 1 (1100-1135)
Coins of Stephen (1135-1154)
Henry II Cross and Crosslets Coinage (1158-80)
The Short Cross Coinage (1180-1247) Part 2
Richard I
Henry III The Long Cross Coinage (1247-1279)
Coins of Edward I
Edward II
Coins of Edward III
Coins of Richard II – Henry V
Coins of Henry VI
Coins of Edward VI – part 1

Coins of Edward VI – part_2
Coins of Edward VI – Richard III

Coins of Henry VIII – part 1
Coins of Henry VIII – part 2
Coins of Henry VIII – part 3
Coins of Elizabeth 1 – part 1
Coins of Elizabeth 1 – part 2
Coins of Elizabeth 1 – part 3

Silver Coins of the Tower Mint of Charles 1
Medieval English Groats

Iron Age Brooches
Roman Belt Buckles & Strap Ends
Late Iron Age & Roman Era Vehicle Terrets
Pottery Identification Guide
(Hattatt) A Visual Catalogue Of Ancient Brooches
Medieval Seals
Identifying Metallic Small Finds