03/01/20 – Saxon Permission

I had another hour on my “saxon” permission today back in the same pasture as the other day, but without finding anything of note – so I’ll make all my rubbish sound interesting instead 😁

By far the most things I found were shotties in various states of corrosion. The only one I could read (I’m always interested in seeing where they’re from) was made by Conyers Gunsmiths in Blandford Forum, just a few miles away, but as Conyers have been in Blandford since the late 1800s I won’t be able to date it.

I also found two bits of interesting Bronze, looking like part metal and part slag so probably signs of bronze smelting. Other than the bronze slag I unearthed a snapped-off lead tag from something, and some GOLD! Well, a tiny bit of gilding on a curved piece of flat metal, drilled for a countersink screw. Don’t ask me what it was, I’ve no idea 😟

So no Sceats again today, but I still live in hope…