17/11/19 – Wincanton

On a rare break between the rain storms I went out with Southern Seekers UK on a dig near Wincanton.  The fields were mainly maize stubble and very, very muddy.

Despite the conditions I did get a couple of small finds – I’m still highly impressed by this new HF Coil, it is amazingly stable, has excellent discrimination and depth.

My first find was a Roman coin, a House of Constantine, probably Constantine II 337-350. The reverse has VOT/XX/MVLT/XXX inside a wreath and the mint mark appears to be SMR – Rome.






The copper coin is almost worn completely smooth on the reverse, but the obverse shows a crown with crossed sceptres and IACO, a Farthing of James Ist 1603-1625.  Further checks found it to be a Lennox Type 3 Issue.

Both these finds came out of a the same very wet field near some standing maize. It’s a shame I didn’t get over to a higher field where some really nice hammered silver coins were coming out, but after wading through the deep mud in the maize fields my buggered hip was screaming at me and I was totally exhausted, so I went home after lunch 🙂