10/11/19 – Batcombe

I went on a very wet and muddy dig with UK Metal Detecting.  Apart from the horseshoes and scrap metal which littered one of the fields, It was a good Roman and Medieval site, and was even rumoured to have had a moated manor house in one of the fields.  These are my best finds of the day at Batcombe.
The button has “Our own make” stamped on it, the Roman coin is Diocletian 284-305 AD, the reverse showing the emperor standing right, holding sceptre. receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre (and despite Stephenie’s objections I’m going to clean it up a little more 😁).

The fibula is a little bent and squashed flat, and the pin has rusted away, but there are still some patches of silvering left on it.  Interestingly, Fred Furlong who was also on the dig found an almost identical fibula nearby.  The little white “blob” when I first found it got me all excited as I thought it was a cruddy silver Celtic coin, but although it has what appears to be a pattern on it I think it may just be random marking, and it also seems to be lead or pewter.

In all a good Roman day for me, shame I missed all those wonderful hammies being found in a field I didn’t go into though 😭🤣