19/10/19 Okeford Fitzpaine

After several days of heavy rain the sky turned blue and I joined a dig with Dorset and West Pathfinders, otherwise known as “Malcolm’s Mudfest” today, and had a great day.  Thank you Malcolm et al. 😃

I started off in a roughly ploughed field down near a seeded area, very wet but diggable if you didn’t stand still for too long, otherwise you started sinking… Lots of signals but only one of note, a brass button.

Carefully avoiding the seeded area (into which Malcolm sunk thigh-deep) I headed up to the Pasture and Stubble field, again very wet. One hole I dug was filling with water faster than I could bale it out 😆 The stubble turned up a few pieces but the pasture held the bit of bronze, and a heavily corroded George III Halfpenny.

After lunch Malcolm had arranged a new field for us so I headed over for a swing or two – definitely worth doing as I unearthed a broken fibula, then spent twenty minutes minutely checking the surrounding area in case I could find the rest of it – no joy 😐

The rest of the day unearthed various bits of lead, copper and aluminium, and my star find – a “Pinnacle No.1” golf ball 😆

Once again, many thanks to Malcolm and the team, and I hope to be able to do it again.