06/10/19 – Piddletrenthide

 I was out metal detecting yesterday on a joint dig with two local clubs. It was great to have blue sky for a change after all the rain, but the breeze was really cold.

The first field we were searching was next to where a club member previously found a horde of Roman coins, the only problem was that to reach it I had to trek through a muddy field, over half a mile uphill… 🙁

Still, it was worth it as within a few minutes I found my first silver hammered coin, buried quite deeply, almost at the bottom of the plough soil. Unfortunately the coin was quite worn so I’m not sure I’ll be able to date it.

My next finds were a small copper alloy rivet/stud with a striped decoration, a .410 shotgun cartridge end, and another button which was quite corroded on the front but showed traces of gold plating on the back.

Dark clouds were passing over and lunchtime was rapidly approaching so I headed back to the car, on the way getting a faint non-ferrous signal mixed in with iron signals. When I dug it, also buried quite deeply, I found another silver hammered coin which was slightly bent. I’ve tentatively identified it as an Edward I silver penny but I need to check further.

I also picked up an interesting piece of pottery, roughly turned on one side and glazed on the other. There was a bit of black decoration and a slightly scalloped edge, very reminiscent of some medieval pottery.

After lunch I had a swing or two on a different field but only found bits of lead, unlike another club member who found what I heard was a gold coin of Henry VII… 😀