15/09/19 – SALWAYASH

I had a day out detecting with UK HIstory Finders today over at Salwayash, north of Bridport.

The site looked really good, three fields of ploughed/rolled and one field of longish pasture. Apparently, the site had been dug before and several silver coins had been found, but last time half the fields were inaccessible through deep stubble and so more coins were expected today.

I started off well with one decent signal within a couple of minutes of starting. Initially, I thought it was a cruddy half new pence coin but later, on cleaning it, I found it was a George VI 1947 sixpence that had lost its silver coating. However, as I moved further down the right-hand side of the field I found more and more scrap aluminium foil, old buttons, loud iron signals, and lumps of coke.

Frustrated by the scrap signals I moved across to the left-hand side of the field and headed downhill. Another decent signal led me to another sixpence, this time Elizabeth II 1967. Comparing the two sixpenny coins I’d found there was a vast difference in quality – something to do with the metal composition perhaps as 1947 was the first time sixpences were made from cupro-nickel so they may not have got it quite right.

As I moved lower down the field, near the bottom where a gate led to another field I got a lovely signal – an Edward I (1272–1307) hammered silver penny. Unfortunately, it was a bit worn and looked like it had been hit by the plough causing some damage, but I was pleased enough 😁

The sun was beating down and it was getting hotter and hotter so I decided that I had done enough to earn a coffee break and made my way back up to the car. I dug a few more signals on the way but they all turned out to be lead/copper scrap or buttons.

After lunch, I searched the pasture field without getting one diggable signal so went back to the field where all the silver coins had been found in the past. A few crossings of the field in the blasting heat and glaring sunshine, plus the grumblings of my dodgy hip, soon convinced me I’d done enough for the day, so back to the car to rehydrate, have a brief snooze, then head for home.

In all, another good day out in the fresh air and countryside 😁