01/09/19 – Wincanton

I had a great day at Wincanton today with Southern Seekers UK, not so much in finds, but great to be out in the fresh air and warm sunshine again.

I’m going to have to learn to be less polite at these group digs though and push my way to the front 😄 I always seem to be at the back and no matter what direction I head I’m walking over filled-in holes where all the good stuff has already been found 😂

Anyway, my finds today were a George V 1920 silver threepence (92.5% silver content), and what I think is a cut silver voided long cross penny – Henry III (1216 – 1272). Somebody tell me if I’m wrong…

One hole I dug was giving strange signals and turned out to be full of charcoal fragments and glazed pottery shards. I’ve tentatively identified them as roman, but I’ll have to check the National Roman Fabric Reference Collection to make sure.

On a slightly different note, my best signal of the day came from a tractor fuel filter buried about 9 inches down. It gave a stonking signal, right in the middle of the “definitely dig it” range – it ended up as hedge fodder 😢

Sadly I had to leave early as I had to go hospital visiting, so only covered two fields, with lots more to survey.

Well, at least I topped up my suntan and didn’t come home empty-handed 😁