Deus Remote Tether

I had a mini scare yesterday whilst on a metal detecting dig. I got back to the car for a coffee break and suddenly noticed that the remote control unit for the detector was missing 😲 It must have dropped off in the field…

To replace a control unit is over £500, so it wasn’t something I could afford to lose. I’d been meaning to make a security tether to attach it to the detector but, naturally, I hadn’t got around to it yet 😭

Luckily I’d checked the display on the remote only a few minutes earlier, when I found a silver coin, so knew it couldn’t be far away, and knew what route I’d walked to get back to the car.

A bit of backtracking and phew, there it was near where I’d found the coin 😁

Anyway, today I’ve made a tether using a spare pinpointer lanyard which is fastened to the remote control’s case and will clip around the shaft of the detector.

Better safe than sorry, once bitten twice shy, etc, etc…