National Council for Metal Detecting


For only £8.00 per year the NCMD provides it’s members with a host of benefits, and most metal detecting clubs insist on membership.

The NCMD seeks the opinions of its membership on matters affecting the hobby as they arise and keeps them informed on developments. The NCMD offers advice on various matters via its national officers and individuals with long experience in the hobby.

The NCMD provides a means whereby the consensus views of its membership can be represented both at Local and National Government level, with the Local and National Press, and any other organisations which may have an interest in hobby activities.

The NCMD provides excellent Civil Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 which includes cover both in the UK and while attending organised metal detecting outings abroad (Cover available to UK residents only – see Insurance) free of charge to all of its registered members. All members receive free civil liability insurance.

The NCMD holds meetings attended by regional representatives at least quarterly. You will have a voice at all Annual General Meeting for the election of officers, to give reports on its activities and to present audited annual accounts for the scrutiny and questioning of all of its membership.
Various social events, rallies, exhibitions etc. are arranged by NCMD Regions & Clubs.

The NCMD maintains an archive of documents relating to events affecting the hobby for the use of its membership.

NCMD quarterly colour newsletter: Digging Deep.