07/07/19 – Melbury Bubb

This was a dig organised by the UK Metal Detecting group.

It ended up being a really hot one so I finally gave in to the extreme heat at 2:00pm and came home. When I first started I thought I’d left the Remote Control for the Deus at home so did it “old school” using audio only and digging every likely sounding signal – I ended up digging a lot of curly iron 😀

After lunch I found the missing remote in my coat pocket so set off into a second field where I got some very deep signals.

My eventual digging tally was nothing exciting: a 1948 George VI Two Shilling, a corroded modern 2p coin, a pewter button, a tiny buckle – probably modern, bits of lead, cow tube, and lots of iron, however, there were compensations. The hedgerows were full of wildflowers, bramble flowers, and dozens of meadow-habitat butterflies flitting around me all day 🙂

No hammered silvers for me this time, but I live in hope… 😀

Other finds – bits of “curly iron”, lead square, cow tube, tiny buckle, etc

Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum)

Dog rose (Rosa canina)