Very Deep

This is a “wide open” program with 0 Reactivity and -6.4 Discrimination.  I always have it alongside the “Sniper” program on my remote to allow me to switch back and forth when I have an “iffy” signal on Sniper.  The low reactivity means you have to pay far more attention to the signals you’re getting through your headphones to identify dig from don’t dig, but the Silencer level is set on 3 to filter out some of the more obvious iron signals.

Discrimination = -6.4
Full Tones
Sensitivity = 90
Frequency = 14.4 KHz (this depends on your site and coil as I often use 28 KHz with the HF coil)
Iron Volume = 3
Reactivity = 0
Silencer = 3
Audio Response = 4
Notch = 0
G.B. = Manual 85 (I check this and alter it depending on the site)

This is a “true metal detectorist” program where some knowledge of your machine and being able to read the tones on Full Tones is essential…