Very Deep

This is a “wide open” program with 0 Reactivity and -6.4 Discrimination.  I always have it alongside the “Core” and “Sniper” programs on my remote to allow me to switch back and forth when I have an “iffy” signal.

Discrimination = -6.4
Full Tones
Sensitivity = 90
Frequency = 14.4 KHz (this depends on your site and coil as I often use 29 KHz with the HF coil)
Iron Volume = 3
Reactivity = 0
Silencer = 3
Audio Response = 4
Notch = 0
G.B. = Manual 85 (I check this and alter it depending on the site)

This is a “true metal detectorist” program where some knowledge of your machine and being able to read the tones on Full Tones is essential…