A portrait of the artist as a humanAbout Martyn Gleaden

An insane genius, metal detectorist, archaeologist, coffee snob, published author, owner of a crazy poodle, and physically falling apart.  Formerly a graphic designer, publisher, weaver, photographer, painter, sculptor, life model, and a fly-tying fisherman, both sea and stream.

Based in the Winterborne Valley between Dorchester & Blandford Forum, my sole ambition used to be to rule the world – until my late wife told me I had to stay home and decorate – so I now divide my time between researching local history, drinking lots of espressos and green tea, hating housework, and searching for the best Cheese on Toast cafe in Dorset…

P.S.  If anyone finds any gold whilst out metal detecting it’s actually mine.  I found it just before you and it must have fallen through a hole in my pocket and got accidentally reburied.  I’d welcome its return 😀

email: martyn@martyngleaden.co.uk