XP Deus Programs

I use a variety of programs on the Deus.  The ones below, as well as the pre-installed 6 “Deep” and 9 “Hot”, are my favourites (in the order I have them on the Remote).  The list can change 🙂   Some are videos (which open in a new Tab), and some are written instructions.

(N.B. I’m assuming your remote/coil/headphones have been updated to at least version 4.   I use version 5.21)

Martyn – My ‘experimenting with settings’ program
Iain Crozza’s “Sniper” My main “go to” program
Adam Staples’ “HF Variation”
– Settings at bottom of his article
All Metal – I’ll put settings up later
HF Deep 1 – I’ll put settings up later
Very Deep – and it really is 🙂 – I’ll put settings up later
Gary’s “Cold” – OK for scanning a clean site
Sid’s “Hammy” – A good “check the signal” program

NOTE – I use the XY screen on all programs except for “Cold” and “Hammy”.

Former Programs, not on remote any more :

Gary’s “Ultimate” 
John Kyritsis’s “Deep Goldfield” 
Video demonstration – turn on subtitles for English text.
Stephen Auker’s “Winkler”
Stephen Auker’s “Secret” 
Wet Beach Special
Gary’s “Pitch 101”