XP Deus Programs

NOTE – Please, if possible photograph the location and record the 10 figure OS Grid Reference of your finds. Any find older than 1650 should be passed on to your Finds Liaison Officer for recording on the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Anything that may be classed as Treasure must be reported to the Coroner.

This is based on Version 5’s program No 9 “Hot”. Discrimination:  -6.4Tones:  Full TonesSensitvity:  94TX Power:  3 – Doesn’t apply on HF coilsFrequency:  17.7 KHz to 30 KHz  – I use 28 KHzIron Volume:  0Reactivity:  2.5Silencer:  -1Audio Response:  5Audio Overload and Notch:  No ChangeGround Balance:  Manual 86

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