“No Junk” Program

Courtesy of:  Scott (aka MentalMetal314)

DISC: 0-3 (I usually start with 0)

3 TONES using Frequencies: 202, 202, 891
Tone breaks: 202 = 0-6, 202 = 6-45, 891 = 45-100

SENS: 87-93 (whatever you can stand) I’m usually at 90.

FREQUENCY: I like to use 14.4KHZ or 31.3KHZ. However, running this program using all of the frequencies has yielded some interesting discoveries. Don’t be afraid to try it at 54KHZ. You might be surprised at what you have missed.


REACTIVITY: 2 or 2.5 (Depending density of the targets in the ground)



NOTCH: 00-00 (no notch)

After you’ve run the program with the settings above, I also recommend trying to run the program in what I call my “Silver No Junk” mode. The same settings apply except for the following:

DISC: -6.4 and 0.0 (adjust to 0.0 if it becomes too unstable)

If you really want to knock out everything except most coins. Trying using NOTCH. I’ve been doing this at my silver honey hole and it’s been awesome. However, you will knock out nickels and gold.

NOTCH: 0-88 (this will knock everything out except copper and silver coins). However, you will dig a few bottle (screw caps) and broken pull tabs but not many. Use the X&Y Display. If you really want to cherry-pick silver coins Notch 0-92 but you will still dig a lot of pennies.

REACTIVITY: 3-4 (If you are in a real trashy site cranking it up to 4) If it isn’t a trashy site drop back down to 2 or 1.