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Apologies for the scanty content but the site is being totally re-built after a hacking attack…

facesThis blog is about nothing in particular any more 🙂  It used to be about my art, weaving and fishing, but now my shoulder’s gone dodgy and I can’t hold a camera steady or cast a line, and my eyes are developing cataracts, all have gone by the wayside.

Instead, it’s now about my general meanderings through life, and more specifically about my return to the pastime of Metal Detecting, where I’ll record all my new digs and finds.

Whether I manage to stick to this lofty ideal is a matter of some debate – but the site will always contain something new, honestly 😀

How often I update the site will be determined by my work rate – probably much higher in the winter when there aren’t other things going on to distract me.  😉

IMPORTANT Please read and always obey The Countryside Code